Do I Have to Lose Myself to Love an Alcoholic?

So You Love An Alcoholic?

Do I Have to Lose Me to Love You?

“Every time I put the alcoholic first, I put myself last.

On second thought, I never even made the list.”

—Grace W. Wroldson


Slow Suicide of Self and Soul

Buried alive in a relationship with an alcoholic, I eventually asked myself…

“Do I have to lose me to love you?”

I started to notice my “loss of self” every time we got back together. This was disturbing to me. Very…very…disturbing. It was like watching a slow suicide of myself and my soul.

I realized that my alcoholic demanded (passively and covertly), ALL of my attention with his issues. (Later, I would learn that the disease of alcoholism does this to everyone caught in its cycle.) His issues became my issues. He made them mine. I made them mine.

Then I had new issues of my own. As I spent more…

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