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Testimonials for “So You Love An … Alcoholic?”

So You Love An… Alcoholic is inspiring, relatable, and real. The lessons and inspirational quotes help guide you to see things in a new light, inspire you to take charge of your reality and future, and ring true to life’s difficult problem of being in a bad relationship with someone you love who sadly, won’t change their ways.

This book is for any woman who has found herself in love with someone who hasn’t yet figured out how to love themselves. It’s for any woman looking for understanding, inspiration, and guidance. It’s for you, and me, and anyone who’s found themselves in a tough situation and forgotten themselves along the way.

So You Love An… Alcoholic is the book we need today, to remind us that recovering from alcoholism is more than just the alcoholic’s recovery, but is also about those who love them, those who struggle and support them even when it means giving up themselves, and the story of how we can learn to live better when we take care of ourselves.  — M.B.


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